Life Transitions

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” ~ John Maxwell

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and uncertain in the midst of a life transition and don’t know what to do next?


Life is always changing.  How we adapt to change and how resilient (our ability to bounce back) we are determines how bumpy or smooth our transition will be.  Transitions are often perceived as being painful and can often leave us breathless, dazed and disoriented, especially if it’s an unexpected, abrupt transition.  While all transitions come with their own set of challenges they can also bring blessings in disguise. They can provide countless opportunities to re-evaluate your life, achieve personal growth, healing and transformation, and create a life you love.


If you’re in the midst of a transition you may be asking yourself:


How will my life be impacted by this change?

What decisions need to be made around this change?

Who will I be as a result of this change?

What is my next step?

Can I really do this?

Sue’s whole-person Mx3 Empowerment Coaching Approach utilizing the Wellness Inventory can help you understand change from all dimensions. Working with Sue you can:

  • Take stock of your life
  • Identify what makes you truly happy
  • Create a vision for a successful transition
  • Identify your values and priorities
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Set up daily supportive habits
  • Discover what’s keeping you stuck
  • Stop the guilt of putting yourself first
  • Design and achieve meaningful goals based on your needs and values
  • Achieve your version of a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Using this method clients learn to make better choices to improve specific health issues and/or quality of life aspects and manage progress from an empowered perspective that leads to transformed lives.

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